2017 is certainly going out with a bang! I don’t recall EVER being this busy before. Now that both of us are coaching, we’ve been putting our blood, sweat, and tears into keeping our house in order. I’m not joking when I say there have been a few nights filled with meltdowns and tantrums-from the kids AND adults. With the holiday season around the corner, I’ve been trying my best to stay organized and not lose my sanity. Christmas will be here before we know it- that brings another set of challenges with finances, gifts, holiday tournaments…the works!

With the holiday season, brings holiday weather, which brings holiday colds and flu. We’ve each had our turn with some type of illness this winter. If you know anything about Indiana weather, you know it was 80 degrees last week and it will be snowing tomorrow. That’s a recipe for disaster in this house. We’ve dealt with croup, the flu, sinus infections, and asthma issues. We can empty a box of Kleenex in record time. We do most of our shopping online now, so that¬†same day shipping is clutch.


This year, most of my Christmas shopping is being handled online. I don’t possess the time nor energy to shop for hours in the store like I used to. Walmart trips are simple as is, but the convenience of shopping online at home while I handle my work and coaching responsibilities just makes life easier for everyone.

I’m off to start planning our guest and dinner list for our holiday party with the family. What do you all have planned for the holidays?