My Story

Who is Jessica Rae?

I ask myself this a lot. I feel like it changes monthly. Today, I’m a bonus mother still learning to balance children, a career, my relationship, and a fledgling social life and bank account. I traded my nursing scrubs for my dream job in sports and haven’t looked back. I’m a whiskey and wine enthusiast, and I picked up a new hobby in Trash TV.  I’m all about going after the life you want, but appreciating that the life I live isn’t as glamorous as my Instagram. I write about all of those things here, with a few beauty and style posts here and there.

The “Motherly Stuff” Posts

So, I met this wonderful man 8 years ago through our sisters and we had one of those summer, puppy love flings. That fall, we went back to our universities and rarely spoke again. Five years and two children later, we reacquainted and picked up where we left off….kinda. This time- two adorable boys who were nineteen months and three years old at the time.  And he was raising them alone. (Don’t press the panic button just yet! Learn more about “The Love Team” here.) Two years later, we’ve created a new life and family dynamic that has required a serious amount of growth and grace for all of us. I practice discretion as to the depth of what is shared, but I share those stories and lessons to help other women in (or thinking about) being in this position. 

Beauty and Style Posts aka “Things I Can’t Afford Nor Fit (yet)”

I like things. I like bags, shoes, clothes, expensive skincare products. The whole shebang. However, the way my bank account is set up: I can’t  (or won’t) to splurge on such luxuries at will. Most of my coins go to gas, bills, and children. BUT, I get the opportunity to try some of these things out and tell you all about it (see: how to find the good stuff and save some money.) Occasionally I will post an outfit or two that I wish I could buy or fit. I’m a work in progress. 

Love Notes

No, not those. I kinda sorta stole this concept from The Skinny Black Girl. Here is where I keep it cute and list off a few thoughts I have about current events or whatever else is on my mind. I tend to share my favorite thing about the week or something cool that happened. Nothing major.

Tea-V Time

Once upon a time, I was very #woke about television. I never had a TV in my room. I barely watched it, and I judged those who did often. But, really I was just boring and the personality of the paper plate. I started watching the shows my friends were tweeting about and I’ve live tweeted my favorite shows since then. We can get into some of my favorites: Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Greenleaf, Queen of the South….we’ll get into this later though. I usually try to #hashtag them so the lurkers can mute and filter accordingly. It’s lit! Updates coming soon! 


Well, here is everything else. I might discuss current events, relationships, careers, my favorite drinks, and other stories of life not specifically related to motherhood. Reviews of  products not related to beauty can go here too. Anything goes. Have someone you want me to address? Get in touch with me here