If accomplishing goals wasn’t hard enough, life has it’s own way of equalizing our egos. There’s the smartest student in the class who struggles to pass exams due to his anxiety.  There are employees with more talent than their superiors biding their time to advance. There are women who have to choose between motherhood and the corporate world. There are women without children who wish they had that choice to make.

We chase one goal after another, trying to reach a never-ending summit. Success is never final. Enough is never enough. Tomorrow doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to our aspirations. Some of us spend our entire lives searching for our purpose in life.

What happens when our purpose finds us, instead? 

I watched Prince make his first shot ever in a basketball game. He traveled well enough to put Lebron to shame, but he made it. This wasn’t my moment by any means; but  I couldn’t help but to smile inside.  I started thinking back to my first gymnastics recital and seeing my mother waving to me in the stands. And another time when she ran an entire 400 meters with me during a track meet from the outside gate. I also remember the late nights, side jobs and silent tears that went into to giving us the best of everything. It’s funny how everything comes full circle. 

Our lives are no different. The boys have watched us struggle, but they have never seen us quit. We can’t change our pasts any more than we can predict our future. But each day we can add to our legacies- good or bad. Some of us don’t create our purpose, we cultivate and curate what’s given to us.

My life doesn’t look anything like I dreamed, but it’s a life I love waking up to.