The Love Team

The Love Team 

Well, we already know who I am so let’s get into the star players:

The Boss

That strapping young man on the right would be the love of my life aka “The Boss”. He works his tail off to provide for us and is the biggest support system I have. (He actually reads and supports my blog!). The most caring and gracious person I know, really! He makes sure I stay focused and gives me the push I need to go after my (our) hopes and dreams.


Well, that’s obviously not his real name-just the one he chose. He’s the oldest of the two. ( I often refer to them on the internet as #DemKids). I can always count on him to get to the bottom of everything and keep me on the straight and narrow. If there is a question, he has the answer. We share a lot of behaviors to not be blood related. He never hesistates to remind me that I am still a mother even though I’m not his real mother.  One day, he wants to have two mothers, two brothers, three sisters, a dog, and one father. Don’t worry…I’ll tell him that’s now how any of this works when he gets older.

The Juice

Yes, THE Juice. What I find most hilarious about this nickname is that when we first met, I thought he was the wettest, slimiest baby I ever met. Between tears, drool, pee, or snot-he never had less than two going on at a time. He is the most caring, sensitive little person I’ve ever met. But he goes into fight mode the second he thinks someone is going to hurt one of us. A true warrior. He eats everything-even the food he hates. (Like Beets. bleh.) He keeps me on my toes.